Traveling to the Gambia

Travel insurance
Visitors are advised to take a comprehensive travel insurance covering the following.
2. Injury
3. Death
4. Illness
5. Personal belonging
6. baggage damage/loss or delay.

Health requirements
Anti-malaria vaccines are highly recommended.  Applicants are to check with Medical centres in their own country.  Yellow Fever Vaccination is necessary for applicants coming from infected areas and has been effected 10 days before the departure date.

Travelling with pets
A health certificate isssued by The State of Veterinarian showing that the pet is healthy and has been recently vaccinated against Canine distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospiosis, Parvo virus and Rabies, and that the pet is free from external parasites and other contagious diseases.

Fax this certificate to:

Director of Livestock Services, ABUKO
Fax:  00220 4397575.

Within 72 hours of arrival in The Gambia, the pet should be presented to the Veterinary clinic in Abuko for physical examination.